Fast Forward Austin is proud to present Austin’s second annual performance of Phil Kline’s Unsilent Night!


Friday, Dec. 07 2012 @ 8pm
Buford Tower:
at the corner of Colorado and Cesar Chavez
(aka 201 W. Cesar Chavez)
Downtown Austin

Written specifically for outdoor performance in the month of December, Unsilent Night is a rousing street promenade in which the audience becomes the performer. Each participant gets one of four music tracks in the form of a cassette, CD, or Mp3. Together all four tracks comprise Unsilent Night. Carrying boomboxes, or anything that amplifies music, participants simultaneously start playing the music. They then walk a carefully chosen route through their city’s streets, creating a unique mobile sound sculpture.

Here’s a link to the official Facebook event.

Here’s how it works:

If you plan on using an mp3 player with portable speakers, you can download your track here or download the Unsilent Night iPhone/iPod app. You can find very cheap speakers that produce a loud enough sound with the iPhone/iPod online, in stores or even at your local thrift store.  (though we certainly won’t turn you away if you just want to play your track from your device’s internal speakers) If you have your own boombox, or plan to get one for the event, we can provide you with a cassette or CD when you arrive.

We will gather at Buford Tower at the corner of Colorado and Cesar Chavez at 8pm. Once cassettes and CDs have been distributed to all participants, we will have a “push play” countdown and make our way through downtown Austin.

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Still have questions?  Check out the Unsilent Night FAQ page.