For people who make music of any kind it’s important to ask ourselves who is going to care about that music twenty years from now? Answer: Kids! That’s the audience of the future. Kids are the people who will keep music alive, who will take music to new places and carry old traditions over to new generations of listeners. This is one of MANY reasons why music education is so crucial to the survival of every type of musician. Many of us were fortunate to have parents who could afford to pay for our music lessons. Not everyone is so lucky. Anthropos Arts is an amazing organization that brings free music lessons, workshops, master classes, and performance opportunities to economically disadvantaged youth. They do this by pairing some of Austin’s finest professional musicians with kids seeking lessons. This is a truly vital service to both the kids receiving lessons and the community at large. We at Fast Forward Austin are thrilled to donate all net proceeds from this year’s festival to Anthropos. Check out the Anthropos site here and this video showing off what they do so well: